API Integration


What Is An API?

An API or Application Programming Interfaces are how software talk to each other over the Internet. An API allows anyone to open up data and other digital resources, for access by public developers, businesses, or even between departments and locations within a company. API Integration is trending now very frequently to exchange data, content, digital resources both internally, externally with partners, and openly with the public.

What Are APIs Used For?

APIs enable software, or even hardware to communicate over the Internet, in a secure way. The World Wide Web, uses the Internet, to allow humans to communicate, and share information. Naturally, APIs allow webmasters to exchange digital data in between two parties and OAuth 2.0 made that easy for all webmasters and also web applications owner to share information.

  • APIs Deliver Functionality to Websites
  • APIs Are Behind Web Applications
  • APIs Power Mobile Applications
  • APIs Connecting Physical Devices

APIs are part of every aspect of our increasingly digital lives. APIs provide the connectivity everyone needs from the cell phone in your pocket to all the tools you use at the office and in our home security, appliances, and entertainment.

Who Uses APIs?

APIs may sound like something that is only for geeks, but APIs are making data and resources available to any adventurous individuals—no programming experience required. APIs are being employed by non-technical folks to get the content, data, and other digital resources they need to build applications, visualizations, and the analysis they need to solve real-world problems.

When it comes to APIs, there are two dimensions:

API Providers – You are designing, deploying, and managing one or many APIs for use either privately, amongst partners, or to the public.

API Consumers – You are building websites, web applications, mobile applications, data analysis, data visualizations, or connecting devices to the Internet using APIs.

In an ideal world, everyone is both API provider, as well as a consumer—whether you are a business, organization, government agency, or everyday individual. APIs impact everyone. Like money, banking and finances, you may not understand the inner workings of the financial system and economics, but you can balance your checkbook, and maintain a healthy credit score—with APIs, you may not understand the inner workings of APIs, OAuth, and the cloud, but you should know which applications you use on your phone, and which websites you’ve logged into with your Facebook account.

Everyone uses APIs. It is just a matter of whether or not they are educated, and aware of the world of APIs, underneath their feet.

Tritiyo Limited API Integration Services

  • Payment gateways (PayPal API, Google Checkout API, MoneyBookers API, 2Checkout API, Authorize.net API)
  • Geolocation services (Google Maps API, Google Earth API, Yahoo! Maps API, AOL MapQuest API, Yandex Maps API, Bing Maps API)
  • Marketplaces (eBay API, Amazon Web Services, Yahoo Shopping API)
  • Advertising platforms (Google AdWords API, Google AdSense API, DoubleClick API)
  • Social communities (Facebook API, Twitter API, Google+ API, Flickr API, Foursquare API, LinkedIn API, Tumblr API)
  • Video Services (YouTube API, Vimeo API, TokBox API, ooVoo API, Vidyo API)

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